Engine Inventory

Over the past decade, AirLease International, Inc. has purchased more than 150 JT8D-7, JT8D-9A, JT8D-15, JT8D-17, JT8D-217C, and JT8D-219 aircraft engines. We purchase, sell, lease or exchange engines with aircraft operators, leasing companies, third party MRO’s and repair stations worldwide.

In addition to engine acquisitions, AirLease also builds engines, utilizing third party engine repair stations, on a continuous basis. AirLease assures that all of our JT8D engines are serviceable in stock and ready to ship. If specific build goals are desired, our experienced professionals can assist your technical staff to develop engine build specifications tailored to your operation and exact requirements.

In the absence of in house technical staff, AirLease can prepare recommended build specifications that are tailored to meet your operation. Our professionals can also assist our customers with line or shop maintenance technical support, AirLease International, Inc. provides engines through outright sales, exchange, operating lease, or power by the hour. Please contact one of our sales representatives to discuss the available engine acquisition options that are best suited to meet your requirements. AirLease also sells parts from the original equipment manufacturer that include same day shipping.

AirLease accepts all major credit cards.

Download our credit card authorization form. Please complete in full and return to Info@AirLeaseIntl.com.