The staff of AirLease International, Inc. has extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of JT8D series aircraft engine commercial aviation operations and maintenance. Members of our staff have widespread working familiarity with commercial airlines operating transport category aircraft.  This experience includes working as maintenance management, maintenance planning, engine shop mechanic, engine shop management, airframe mechanic, flight line mechanic, engine procurement and engine leasing management  The work in an engine leasing company includes engine evaluation and purchase, engine maintenance, negotiating and constructing engine leases, and marketing engine leasing programs.

This deep and comprehensive knowledge  was gained thru hands-on experience, and we are pleased to offer the following answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding JT8D engines.  These initial FAQs address questions regarding engine leasing.  Although our primary experience is on the JT8D engine, the answers to frequently asked questions regarding engine leasing apply to all engine types.  AirLease staff will periodically add additional questions and corresponding answers to this website.

Should you have a question about JT8D engine purchasing, engine exchanging, engine leasing,engine shop visits, engine work scope development or engine troubleshooting, please send your question to AirLease – Info@AirLeaseIntl.com.  Our staff will respond to you and add the information to the website.  Should you have questions for which you desire immediate answers, please contact one of our staff members.

We at AirLease appreciate your interest in the engines and engine parts available for immediate delivery from our extensive stock at our Medley, Florida warehouse.

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