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Aircraft operators must control costs in order to be competitive in today’s aviation industry. Maintaining cost control often requires operators to retain minimum staffing levels throughout their organization. In some cases, this minimum staffing level may result in less than desired expertise in the operator’s technical department. The technical department may have limited experience in the operation and maintenance requirements for the JT8D engine. In this case, it is often advantageous to retain the assistance of a reliable consultant who is experienced and knowledgeable in JT8D procurement and maintenance. Utilizing the engine shop selected to perform the engine repair or engine refurbishment to provide technical assistance for planning the engine shop visit can be expensive and may not produce an engine that meets your budgetary and operational requirements.

In addition to maintaining cost control, operators must comply with mandatory regulatory requirements in all aspects of their operations. Failure to do so can be costly and may endanger the Operating Certificate, which is mandatory for continued airline operations. Determining the work to be accomplished, parts to be procured, ADs to be accomplished, and appropriate maintenance procedures carried out during the shop visit requires extensive knowledge which can only be obtained through hands-on experience.

Unplanned or unnecessary engine removals can also be costly and inconvenient for both the operator and the passenger. AirLease has the technical knowledge and provides consulting services to assist with on-wing troubleshooting of defects which can occur during day to day operations. Our 24/7 AOG service can provide the technical knowledge and parts required to get an aircraft back into service.

Over the last decade, AirLease International has established itself as one of the premier independent providers of JT8D engines, engine parts, and consulting services for all aspects of your JT8D needs. The staff at AirLease International has over 50 years of combined experience working in transport category airlines maintenance and engineering departments.

Need Consulting Services?

The goal of AirLease is to help you make your engine repair, parts procurement, and regulatory compliance experience as painless and stress free as possible utilizing our consulting services described herein. AirLease can assist you in accomplishing these goals by providing knowledgeable, experienced staff, and a high level of customer service.

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